Sept. 2021: Walking a part of the German Moselle Camino (TRI)

  • We are on our way!

    On 4th September 2021, a group of students participating in our mostly digital project came together to walk a part of the German Moselle Camino that runs from Koblenz to Trier along the river Moselle. We were happy to be part of a tour that was guided by the Association of St. James in Trier. Not only students joined the pilgrimage, but also people of all ages and backgrounds which made a special experience.

    Starting in Schweich, a town located next to the Moselle, we walked through beautiful nature reaching the suburbs of Trier, Ehrang and Biewer, after a few hours. We continued our 20 km walk and finally made it to the Cathedral of Trier. In between we stopped and members of the association gave us short, spiritual impulses that kept us thinking for a little while. Stops in little churches along the way also encouraged us to see this pilgrimage not only as a physical experience, but also spiritual one.

    Walking the way was challenging and sometimes exhausting, but after having climbed a hill and enjoying the view, we were proud of what we had achieved.

    We are still a little sad that we were not able to do this with our group in Spain and experience a part of the Spanish Levante Section. We imagine this could have been a great experience after getting to know our parts over the past two years. Still, we are happy that this little pilgrimage was possible.

    Below you can find a link to a YouTube video created by the Bistum Trier (Bishopric of Trier), who joined us during our walk with the association, and more photos. Enjoy!

    Link to YouTube