Nov. 2019 - Flyer about the Saint James Way (TRI)

  • Creating our own flyers of Saint James Way (TRI)


    Our last three geography lessons have been quite different. We should create our own flyer about the Saint James Way. It was not that easy because we had to write all the texts in French. But with some help from our teacher and some internet research it was possible 😊

    It was important for us to give some interesting facts about the way and to decorate it with some nice photos. In our flyer you will find all the information which you should know before you go the Saint James Way.

    We tried to focus on the geography, so we looked on the different itineraries, but also on the climate. Finally, we wanted to find out when is the best time to go and what you really need to pack in your backpack. I think we all liked these creative and interesting geography lessons and it even gave some students the motivation to walk the Saint James Way!

    Caroline Kusch (8d, HGT, Trier)