Apr. 2020 Presentations about Geography of Santiago de Compostela and Saint James Way (TRI)

  • Using digital media to present about an exciting topic!

    Class 7b of the HGT Trier and their geography teacher Mrs Wegert decided to prepare digital presentations on different topics that are related to the St. James Way. In groups of four, the students researched, prepared and held presentations in their geography lessons. Using the new iPads that the school received, the students were able to access the Internet and use information from the Internet to give information about e.g. the city of Santiago de Compostela and its history, climate and connection to the Saint James Way. After having prepared the presentations in groups, they were presented to the class.   

    Apart from learning a lot about the Saint James Way and Santiago the Compostela, the students were also happy to test their digital competences and present what they are already capable of doing.