Jan. 2020 I'm only sorry for the feet - Nur die Füße tun mir leid (TRI)

  • On the 9th January 2020 a mixed group of students from Year 8, 9 and 10 went to our Broadway cinema in Trier after school. We are all interested in The Saint James Way and have found out about The Way in some of our classes in lessons. When our teachers suggested going to see the documentary "Nur die Füße tun mir leid" (in English: "I'm only sorry for the feet") about 40 students wanted to go and see it after school. After all, in a bit more than a year we want to go on a pilgrimage ourselves. So it might be quite good to find out what to expect, we thought. The film is by Gabi Röhrl. 

    Gabi Röhrl films herself while on the way. She starts in St. Jean Pied de Port, in France.  From there it goes on to Spain and the film follows her 900 kilometres to Santiago de Compostela. Although Gabi Röhrl herself is not young anymore, we thought it was interesting to follow her on her way. She met young people, old people, people from all over the world. We liked that it was so international. Gabi Röhrl also asked people about their reasons to go. One man said he wanted to get away from it all. Another man said that he was not looking for anything, but found a lot. Another thing that one woman said: The way makes you very emotional. You will find out about your emotions. We thought that was intersting. Gabi Röhrl also talked about blisters. There was one woman who had an enormous blister, a really huge one, and another woman gave her first aid. She couldn't walk for two days. So really - we were sorry for her feet. After the film we had a discussion about what we liked and what we didn't like. In general, we liked the film.

    Let's hope that we will not be sorry for our feet when we do the pilgrimage in summer 2021. Get yourselves a pair of good shoes and practise hiking, guys!

    (Erasmus AG)