• The Saint James Way: Harnessing the Power of the Way to Build Competences.

    Welcome to our Erasmus project. Students and teachers from IES Benlliure and Humboldt Gymnasium have a challenge ahead of them: to create together, to learn together, to walk together. We are 1,270 kilometres apart. We have very different languages and customs, unmatched educational systems and defined culinary preferences. Yet, we want to unite our efforts to write a story together, exchange knowledge together and live together during several stages of the Camino. Ultreia!

    A warm Welcome from Trier - This is us!

    Hello and welcome to our new project: “Erasmus+”. In the other texts you will learn more about the way of St. James and our work about it, but here you will learn about us. But who are we? We are this school! We are “HGT”! Maybe you´ll ask yourself right now: “What is so special about this school?” And exactly this is, what you´ll learn here! There are many things to know about our school! Let´s begin with a few facts:

    - Our school was founded in 1812

    - The HGT is a European school. It's also a German-French school: You can do do a German and a French degree (Abi-Bac). You can learn many languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Russian and Latin

    - We have a MINT concept: Math, ICT, Science and Technology

    - There are approximately 1000 students and 100 teachers

    - A good sense of community is important for everybody at this school, so there are many extracurricular activities. Some students can give you private tutoring, so your grades will get better.

    Of course there is much more to know, but as you can see, everybody in this school stands for a great team spirit! We help each other and care about every single student. We also have a psychologist that can help you with every problem in and outside of school. Hopefully you know a little bit more about our school!

    Maybe you´ll join us for this journey!

    (Text by Amelie, Erasmus+ AG member)

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