Jan. 2020 e-book round 1: texts (VLC)

  • These are the texts that the e-book groups of each class of 3ESO at IES Benlliure have written.

    Link for Padlet with Digital Book Stories

    Link for Padlet with Digital Book Stories




    The German students chose the following stories to work on and found the following sayings to go with the stories they picked. 



    1) Apocalypse in Xativa: No 23

    2) James and the Hidden Fountain: No 20

    3) The Adventures of Algemesi and its products: No 1

    4) Last Way: No 22

    5) A friendly encounter: No 6

    6) Our Journey: No 35

    7) The Amazing Way: No 35

    8) Our friend's journey: No 40

    9) The Farm: No 41

    10) German Horror Story: No 28

    11) The Treasure: No 13

    12) The Story of the Coins: No 18