Mar 2020 Being on the way - an artistic examination of the topic by a foundation art course Year 11 (TRI)

  • In February our foundation art course in Year 11 (Grundkurs Kunst) started work on The Saint James Way. Our task was to explore the notion of "being on the way" in an artistic way. First, we were to think about our design, make some sketches and explain our ideas in written form. Then we actually turned our ideas into art. Some student decided to do a collage, others a sculpture, some a drawing and two students chose to do a dance choreography. Those two students teamed up with the school's film club and had their danced filmed by them. 

    Below you can see some examples of the work created by the students and if you follow the link you will get to the video.

    Link to video:

    (Antonia, 11 BK Grundkurs)