Jan. 2021 Homo Viator - Going on a pilgrimage to oneself (TRI)

  • In January 2021 Germany found itself in lockdown again. And what was originally planned as a teaching unit at school in German class in two German courses of Year 10 had to be reorganised into a teaching unit for remote learning. Because of the lockdown, lots of the elements that we wanted to incorporate, had to be dropped -like meditation exercises with a coach, actual walking the Camino in the Moselle valley etc. All in all, we had to shorten the unit, but in the end were quite happy with the result. Students from both courses had to explore the history of the Saint James Way, take a virutal tour on the Moselle Camino, find out about Germany's most famous pilgrim - Hape Kerkeling. Then they explored what it means to find oneself in nature with the help of the true story of Christopher MacCandless. Finally, they had to become creative and turn their personal "place of longing" into a work of art - a poem, a video or a collage. 

    We used Padlet as a means of presenting and communicating. 

    If you follow the links below, you can see the padlet instructions and results of the creative projects of Year 10e. 

    Week 1)  https://padlet.com/karinlenerz/gj1uqm0swnbb3bhl


    Week 2)  https://padlet.com/karinlenerz/vwqtrffz0uj46sol

    Creative work "my personal place of belonging" 




    In Year 10e feedback was given orally in a video call. In Year 10b feedback was given via padlet.