Notice board about project goes up in school corridor (TRI)

  • Open Day at HGT Trier 

    Notice Board about our Project goes up in School Corridor


    On 9, November 2019 Humboldt Gymnasium Trier invited both the local and the school community to its annual open day. 

    Although our project is still in its infancy we wanted to inform everybody visiting about our new Erasmus+ project.

    We decided on a big notice board for the main school corridor so that it will catch the eye of everybody coming into the building!

    First we had to organise the notice board. Once again our janitor Richard Spang proved to be very helpful. Thanks for putting it up, by the way.

    Then we designed bunting including the Erasmus logo, the shell as a symbol for the Saint James Way and pictures from both our schools. 

    What's more, we also assembled some basic information about the Saint James Way and our project. We created a category "fun facts". Here we want to share interesting bits of information about the Saint James Way, and we want to find new "fun facts" every month so that passersby have interesting things to read every time they, well, pass by. 

    We also have a category "News" to inform visitors and students about what is happening at the moment in the project. For now - we have put up a report on our Kick-off evening in October. 

    Another category is "Unterrichtsergebnisse / Results from work in lessons" - where we want to report on or show results from work done in lessons in different classes and year groups. 

    Just now - Class 8d has put up the flyers they did with Mrs Schwall in her French Geography lessons. 

    Above you can see pictures of the notice board before the visitors arrived ;-)

    (Erasmus AG)