Jan. 2020 Chemistry and The Way in Year 10 (TRI)

  • Chemistry and the Saint James Way  - surely that does not go together, does it?

    Throw some artistic and acting talent into the mix, and well, Class 10c from Humboldt Gymnasium Trier will surely prove you wrong :-)


    Creating our own short films about The Way


    In November 2019 our chemistry teacher, Mrs Noé, proposed filming our own short films about pilgrims on the Saint James Way with the task of including a few experiments and, of course, we were more than excited to start working on this project, so we spent the next weeks writing the script and getting it on camera.

    That's how our clips which are completely different from each other were created: Some focused on the chemical explanation of how artificial blood, faked gold coins or explosions are made while others had their focus on The Way, his history and connecting effect.


    Nevertheless, they all turned out to be great – that's why we wish you lots of fun watching them! Especially the diversity of the stories we made up and the way we faced this challenge turned this task into a rewarding experience, just as the whole Erasmus+ program celebrating Europe with all its different cultures!


    Diana Podoynitsyn, Year 10


    You can see our videos when you follow the links below and use the password: theway