Jul. 2021. Survey on Project (TRI and VLC)

  • All the students participating in the project took part in an online survey on the project. The activities that students enjoyed most were solving the escape room challenge and chatting to the other students in video conferences. We were pleased to find out that about 55% of the students believe to have improved their digital skills through the project. More than half of the students now feel more comfortable working with students from another country because of the project. More than three quarters judged themselves to be happy to have participated in the project. More than 60% want to walk at least some of the stages of the Saint James Way in the future and more than 70% of the students now think that the Saint James Way is an important part of our common European heritage and that students should be made aware of it.

    A lot of students wished to have had more opportunities to chat with the students from the other country in video chats. What they found most difficult about the project was to motivate themselves for the work during periods of homeschooling and remote learning in alternating groups. What they found easiest was speaking English and quite a few found out in the course of the project that their ability to use and speak English was better than they thought. 

    Survey and results - see below. 

    Erasmus Survey results all students July 21.pdf