7th May 2018-Colorful Songs invades the streets in Siauliai

  • Warm up activities with pupils and teachers at Šiaulių Sauliaus Sondeckio menų gimnazija

    Art classroom

    Visiting other class groups

    Music lessons

    Colorful Songs exhibition in Siauliai main street-Opening-Colorful Songs in the streets of Siauliai.

    Colorful Songs exhibition

    Singing songs in partner languages in the main square in Siauliai. Italian-Llithuanian choir.


    Greek-Lithuanian choir

    Lithuanian choir with support from all partners

    With Spanish singer Heriberto Cruz who has been a great inspiration and has collaborated throughout the project from the beginning. Spanish-Lithuanian choir.

    Hand painting workshop

    Hot weather in Siauliai

    Heriberto Cruz gives away Antonio Padrón´s Museum´s souvenirs.

    And has a fist go with Lithuanian pupils

    Across the square, Siauliai Cathedral!

    How can culture be promoted in an easy and creative way between all types of people and ages? 
    The best idea we´ve ever seen is that one of “RŪTA” Sweets Factory in Šiauliai: CHOCOLATE!! And not any chocolate but good one! 
    Can you imagine culture accesible to all chocolate consumers? That would be culture spreading around the world in the quickest and cheapest possible way! That´s how they´re promoting the work of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis between locals and visitors, creating ownership of national culture and identity.

    Chocolate workshop

    Chocolate box cover collaborative design

    Chocolate museum: discovering common roots, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltic Sea.