Meeting Heriberto Cruz and his educational project Canciones al óleo

  • Today, the educational project Canciones al óleo, by Heriberto Cruz, celebrated its anual meeting with Primary and Secondary schools and we were invited. It was a great opportunity for 51 children of 2nd grade  not only to listen to a live concert by professional musicians, in a professional stage, but also to learn from and together  with higher levels of Primary as well as Secondary schools.

    Pupils from different schools read their poems and showed their art work. Some of them sung their own songs and there were even  rap songs. Teachers explained to the audience the work done from the day they met Heriberto Cruz and his project. We explained how Canciones al óleo was an ispiration for our eTwinning project Colorful Songs that later became an Erasmus+ KA219 parnership, and introduced this story of our project logo and mascot, who escaped from a picture that inspired Heriberto´s song "Niña de las mariposas".


    We also talked about our Greek, italian and Lithuanian partners and our meetings thanks to the Erasmus+ grant and gave him written invitations to our schools. Greek pupils were present by a projection of this video where they sing Heriberto´s song.


    We took some pictures and said good bye!