Poetry Book

  • "Colorful Songs" uses Art, Literature and Music as resources for learning contents of any school area. 

    To make each activity have a touch of art is not an easy task, but not impossible, with a little imagination we can address the issue in a playful way, and that will generate knowledge through reflection and experience. As far as possible we will show children pictures of various works of art as a way to bring them into contact with diverse artistic and experiential elements as well as get closer to other European environments. Students will create poems inspired by those pieces of art and will increase their ability of observation and reflection, showing development in the use of verbal tools and developing self-esteem and security, integrating students of different ages and difficulties (learning and social).

    Art and poetry  join  in this activity as means to show the peculiarities of life, help the mind recognize the world that is beyond the mere recognition of images, it is linking, appropriating them, and learning from them; they generate life experiences in all areas of learning.