Colorful Songs

We know the union of education and arts operates positively in the neuronal tissue of children, it builds self-esteem, cultural identity and safeguards and promotes pluralism, recognition and respect for others, which is why four project partners took the decision of continuing with Colorful Songs as Erasmus+ KA2 partnership.

Project Journal

  • Colorful Songs has a new life into PBL in Action at CEIP Juan del Río Ayala. The school community is being informed in different ways, this one vis Konvoko.


    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 11.11.2018

  • Our Guide is ready in Italian too!!
    - Posted by Maria Priolo, 13.08.2018

  • Our guide is ready in English, Spanish, Greek and Lithuanian.


    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 25.07.2018

  • Dear all, here´s our project calendar for 2019. Have a nice summer!

    2019kalendorius naujas.pdf

    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 10.07.2018

  • A short review of our work in our last Erasmus+ transnational visit in Palermo can be seen here, a great team, who did a great job, congratulations to all participant schools and teachers!

    Colorful Songs team in Palermo.jpg

    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 02.07.2018