Colorful Songs

We know the union of education and arts operates positively in the neuronal tissue of children, it builds self-esteem, cultural identity and safeguards and promotes pluralism, recognition and respect for others, which is why four project partners took the decision of continuing with Colorful Songs as Erasmus+ KA2 partnership.



                                                      “Colorful Songs” uses a dissemination plan to spread the results, experiences, products and good practices in the participating organisations, in the local communities and in the wider lifelong learning community.

- Introduction of the project to all cooperating teachers/staff, local educational authorities and relevant entities such as art galleries or museums and local artists.

- Introduction of the project to all staff of the involved institutions, pupils, parents and the local community. We´ve created a Facebook page for this purpose.
- Project TwinSpace link will be shared at all partner school´s wesites.
- Raising awareness of the project in the cooperating institutions and local communities (relevant authorities and institutions).

Santa Brígida Town Hall

- Publication of the process and results in the project diary and TwinSpace on eTwinning live (pictures, videos, digital presentations).
- Participants will spread products, good practices, methods and experiences inside the cooperating institutions and other school network (staff meetings, meetings with parents, School Council, local authorities and other relevant institutions)
- Students will present the results at school to the other classes, teachers, educational staff, parents and people from the local community - lessons, posters, project, corners, pictures, artwork, book of poems, …
- Participants will put up exhibitions at school and in other relevant public institutions if available.

- Schools will organize International Art Festivals during mobilities for learning inviting local artists,  relevant authorities and institutions, relatives and members of the community.

- Workshops and project meetings will be organised and coordinator will take part in conferences and seminars whenever possible.
- Regular press releases, for publishing the process and results in the local and regional newspapers.

- Production and publication of multimedia with project material spread in the institutions and local community
Distribution of “Colorful Songs-book of successful project activities with methodological guidelines” in all participating institutions, among teachers,  parents and in the local community, with successful activities and methodological guidelines.
- Press releases and a final evaluation report will be spread in all cooperating institutions and the wider lifelong learning community:

INTERVIEW ON THE RADIO AFTER THE VISIT IN GRAN CANARIA 24-11-2016 (2nd kindergarten Ierapetra)



Interview on the radio a day after the award of pupils of 2nd Kindergarten of Ierapetra

ERASMUS VISIT TO IERAPETRA (28th October-4th November)

Award of eTwinning quality label



Moreover, most materials will be available for everybody from the project TwinSpace and Erasmus+ platform. They will be invaluable for developing creativity through Art, Litearature and Music integrated in school subjects. The TwinSpace link will be shared in all parnter schools websites, as well as in the Spanish eTwinning ambassadors blog, Open Education Europa, EST, and other relevant sites at nacional and International levels.

Author: Cecilia Cantizano