Transnational meeting 3, Crete, Greece

  • This meeting will facilitate further planning of learning activities, assess the progress, make joint decisions to improve effectiveness and review the financial and administrative regulations.


    Colorful Songs

    Erasmus+ 2016-1-ES01-KA219-025012

    Trasnational meeting 3

    Pre-primary school, Ierapetra, Greece

    28th Oct-4th November 17


    Meeting Agenda


    1. 2017-18 project activities overview.

    2. Activity calendar for meeting dates for 2017-18. Transnational meetings and learning mobilities.

    3. Activity calendar for virtual coordination meetings and on-line activities in international teams: Each partner school has already shared a list of teachers willing to take part in these activities, their children´s level or age and contact details (e-mail and/or any other).

    4. TwinSpace update, useful Ict tools.

    5. Learning/teaching/training activity 2- Spain: Short term Exchange of pupils + Short term joint staff training.

    6. Learning/teaching/training activity 3- Lithuania: Short term Exchange of pupils + Short term joint staff training.

    7. Reggio Emilia inspired activities 3 and 4. Each school has also suggested a poem from their national culture in their own language with English version. It´s been recorded in original language of the poem (Spanish, Lithuanian, Greek). This will be activity will be carried aout through a schort eTwinning project: Inspiration 4.

    8. Discuss using of Europass for teachers.

    9. Final products update: methodological guide and calentar (Lituania to choose pictures??)

    10. What to do before transnational project meeting 4 in Italy.

    11. Finish Greek art “Crucifixion” together.

    12. Evaluation: diaries, surveys,TwinSpace, ... 

    13. Quality Label application: Spain and Greece already did and got their labels, still missing Italy and Lithuania.

    14. Farewell to Colorfly  who goes to Italy.

    15. Attendance certifficates from Pre-primary school, Ierapetra