• Pupils and teachers from Spain and Lithuania and teachers from Greece will take part.

    Activity plan was designed for participants to get to know each other and meet parents at the eTwinning club. Previous contact was stablished between families previous to the exchange.

    At Palazzello we took part in Art, Music and Literature activities or workshops according to Colorful Songs guidelines, we experienced meeting local singer Giovanni Guastella a local art museum,we visited Donnafuata Castle exhibitions and organized collaborative land art activity in the gardens.

    We enjoyed our first International Art Festival contributing with selected samples of work done in the first period based on Italian and Greek work suggestions (poems, songs, art work,...).

    We used mainly the English language to communicate though children also used translator with the Italian families and children when they needed help.

    Teachers observed Italian eTwinning club, Art, Music and Literature work, took part in workshops about eTwinning live tools and other useful ICT tools for Colorful Songs future activities, and htey took part in all activities with children taking part in the pupils exchange so most activities were carried out together with pupils, this helped all teachers experience working with different age pupils  and will be relevant for better transition between leves and stages, put into practice new organizative skills and build strong links between international eTwinning club members.

    All participants have reported their experience on a diary and a summary is to published in digital form.


    Pupil´s exhange- participants from Lithuania:




    Host students from Italy:




    Pupil´s exhange- participants from Spain:


    Host students from Italy: