Songs in partner languages

  • Music and singing make a huge difference in any language learning. Here are a few reasons why we´ve decided to learn songs in partner languages:

    1. Music connects across cultures and can break down barriers. When we sing people songs they wouldn’t expect us to know and that they like, it has instantly broken the ice. 

    2. Getting to know the music is getting to know the culture and language and sometimes learning languages is like learning a music instrument.

    3. Learning the lyrics of a song  in a foreign language helps you get in touch with a new language or expand your vocabulary if it´s learnt as a second language.

    4. You can use music and singing to help you learn to speak simple basic essential phrases.

    5. You can take music with you anywhere and learn and practise it on the move thanks to your MP3 player / mobile phone. 

    6. It’s fun! You can put your whole body into singing if you like and let your hair down a lot easier than you would in many speaking situations. You can really enjoy yourself by singing and it helps to improve your mood. Life would be way cooler if people sang more!