Lithuanian Art

  • 1. Listen to the simphony of Konstantino Mikalojaus Čiurlionio “Sea“ mp3 for 5 minutes without telling pupils the title nor content of the piece of music, only listeing so music is the only inspiration. Write down the number of pupils and how many recognize the source of inspiration.

    2. The discuss about the content of this piece of music showing selected three paintings by  Konstantinas Mikalojus Čiurlionis titled

    “Sea Sonata- Allegro .1908.”; “Sea Sonata- Andante 1908.“;  Sea Sonata- Finale .1908’’ and listen to the music once again.

    3. Create poems inspired by  Konstantino Mikalojaus Čiurlioni´s work, about the sea and share them here:

    4. Create art work inspired by Konstantino Mikalojaus Čiurlioni´s work and share it here: