Welcome to CEIP Juan del Río Ayala!

  • Pupils and teachers were warmly welcomed by pupils and teachers from CEIP Juan del Río Ayala, the local inspector, Julio Gutiérrez, the chief of European Projects and eTwinning in the Canary Islands,Judith Gutiérrez and  British Council Ambassador, Chris Souvlis.

    Spanish pupils were happy to sing:

    1. An African song simbolizing our geographical location between Europe, Africa and America:

    The Lithuanian project song:

    Spanish pupils were given eTwinning Quality Labels for the work done with Colorful Songs on eTwinning.

    Lithuanian and Italian pupils and teachers, and Greek and British teachers, were given  attendance certifficates and welcome kits.

    Then, divided in different groups, pupils and teachers took part in a session of Emotional Education and Creativity.

    At break time pupils played together in the playground while teachers, in shifts, had coffee in the school library. 

    After the break the whole group with the 2 year 6 groups played games with their class tutors and went for a walk in the natural park next to the school where they enjoyed the landscape and sunny weather with new friends.