Participants are going to get to know each other (teachers, pupils, school town or region) and meet parents at the eTwinning club; they´ll take part in Art, Music, Literature lessons or workshops according to "Colorful Songs" guidelines.Teachers will observe Spanish eTwinning club, Art, Music, Literature lesosns, they´ll take part in a worshop about Emotional Learning and Creativity in the school curriculum. 

    They´ll experience meeting local artist.Partners will  help organize and take part in this International Art Festival contributing with selected samples of the work done in the second project period based on Spanish work suggestion (poems, songs, art, ...) adding some previous results of Italian, Greek art and visiting the hosting school´s art gallery.

    They´ll visit a Antonio Padrón´s House Museum where they´ll take part in an art workshop.

    These activities will be carried out together, teachers and pupils, this will help all teachers experience working with different age pupils to better transition between levels and stages, put into practice new organizative skills and build strong links between international eTwinning club members.

    They´ll report their experience ona diary to be published in digital form and will make use of the English language to communicate. Download the whole program here: