Transnational meeting 2, Lithuania

  • Colorful Songs Erasmus+  second trasnational meeting was held in Siauliai, Lithuania from 21st  to  25th June 2017. Coordinators, and project management team members, from parnter schools were warmly welcomed by the Šiauliai city Mayor  and regional major and teaching staff at Siauliaulių Sauliaus Sondeckio menų gimnazija.


    A lot of work in the computer lab at school needed to be done: evaluation, work on Mobility Tool and  interim report, TwinSpace update, review what´s already in Erasmus+ results platform, introduced Europass and discussed next project step  activities.


    Thanks to the generous collaboration of British eTwinning ambassador and friend, Fatima Duerden, there are some new members on eTwinning while coordinators had to be working on Mobility Tool.

    We had a beautiful soncert given by Lithuanian partner school´s students and a very interesting conversation with them and their teachers afterwards.

    Part of our next year activity is our pupil´s exchange to be held in Lithuania in May 2018 and some possible activities were investigated. A visit to a folk artist museum who had made a beautiful wooden piece of art for Colorful Songs to be planted on the Hill of Crosses, deep cultural exhange together with great piece of art.



    The chocolate manufactory  “Rūta” is an interesting option for creativity with chocolate art.


    Nice evening spent on tour through Naisių city where teachers enjoyed a special Midsummer Night in the Naisiai, art and culture is also possible in nature.

    At Kurtuvėnų regional Park we met new activity opportunities to be organized with our pupils: nature, sport, culture, art. 


    Local press made this a public event.