Reggio Emilia Inspired Activity 4: Before & After

  • “A picture tells more than a thousand words...”.

    In this activity we want to hear some of these thousand words.



    1. We´ve chosen 4 paintings by our project artists, each of them shows a scene from everyday life in real or fiction World.

    2. We need 8 groups of pupils, 4 groups will be “Before” and 4 will be “After” (They can be from different class groups or groups in the same class, they can be even from different schools).

    3. Each “Before” group will work with one of the paintings to “Make a poem or story (30-60 words) about what happened the last 30 minutes before the picture was taken/painting was made”.

    In the mean time each  “After” group will work with the same paintings to  ”Make a poem or story (30-60 words) about what happened the next 30 minutes after the picture was taken/painting was made”.

    And we do this with all 4 paintings. Important to tell pupils they are not allowed to talk with other groups about the task. It is a secret.

    4. When everyone has understood the task, be sure that they keep the secrecy, and  they will of course sign their own task.

    5. When the groups  have  finished, pair the contributions and read the 4 poems in class. How close are they to make a valid story? Where do the contributors agree and where don't they?

    8. Share at least one of the poems or stories per picture (that´s 4 per school) in the form of digital presentation (Power Point, video, pdf, …) for the partners to read, compare and discuss. Share it on:

    Before & After Twinspace