Italian Art

  • We choose these famous Sicilian  paintings:

    RENATO GUTTUSO (1911-1987)

    Vucciria" ( the famous food market of Palermo) is a powerfully expressive picture, representing the vitality of which the Sicilian degraded world where the market and portrayal of the many things that nature produces makes a great celebration impact and great happiness.

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    Antonello da Messina (1429-1479)

    He was the main Sicilian painter of the '400, he reached the difficult balance to blend the light, the atmosphere and the attention to detail of Flemish painting with the monumentality and rational spaciousness of the Italian school. His portraits are famous for vitality and psychological depth.

     "Virgin annunciate": Mary, distracted from reading, is captured at the moment when the interlocutor is  in front of her, and her right hand seems to slow down; the silhouette of the essential geometry of the mantle emerges the perfect oval of the face of the Virgin.

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