• All project resutls will remain available at our project TwinSpace and Erasmus+ Platform with a special reference to our “Colorful Songs-book of successful project activities with methodological guidelines” that will be translated by partner schools staff to all partner languages.
    School inspectors and school boards will be able to give their views on the content of the project and how it compliments the school curriculum and what benefits it has for the children. They can use it in the recommendations to other teachers and schools.
    “International Art Festivals” will be face to face opportunities for dissemination to a wider community at local scope and European levels, inviting relevant authorities, artists and local media. Every partner school is responsable for the organization of such events in their school and local community when visiting teachers and/or  pupils can take part, as well as disseminating the event accordingly.

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    Included in a list of 24 best eTwinning projects on cultural heritage in the eTwinning book 2018