General Information on the Project.



               Exploring Diversity


                An Interlinguistic Project aimed at Adult Education Centres.




                                                             (Éditorial du Dossier nº 35 "Vivre la Fraternité)



    OUR AIM:


    The aim of this project is to find ways to enhance the foreign language learning experience by unifying methodology approaches within the different languages taught at our schools. We also want to provide our students with real reasons to communicate and give them the chance to have a real audience whenever possible. The idea is also to learn about our own culture and be mediators of language and culture going beyond the boundaries we normally explore. All the different language departments  and schools will work as one,  on the same topics per level, having the same objectives per level (A1- C2) and together we will examine how much these cultures may differ or to what extent they come together and  are similar. Another main objective is to help the students play a more active role in their learning experience.  Having them take the plunge into a project like this will surely make them  be more actively involved in  the learning of the foreign language and, hopefully, see themselves as part of a wider community (a learning community  and a human community). In terms of language learning, we are aiming to especially reinforce the most productive skills, those of writing and speaking and,  little by little, boost their critical thinking skills.


    We would also like to add that by having students Explore Diversity, we are hoping to make them be more understanding, accepting and welcoming towards the idea of diversity, which, by nature, entails difference, migration, tolerance and acceptance: all of them values we consider crucial in society nowadays. Finally, we also believe that by doing so, we are also helping our students to be more aware of the plurilingual nature of the European Citizens.


    Find the full description of the project  and work process here .