Exploring Diversity: An Interlinguistic Project aimed at Adult Education Centres.


Are we that different? Discovering, Exchanging, Thinking About, and Sharing Culture and Diversity within the Area of Foreign Language Learning. A two-year interlinguistic project (Italian/ French /German and English) between three adult education centres: EOI Hospitalet (Barcelona), EOI La Seu (Lleida) and Kvs Foundation/Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre (Helsinki). Taking into account that the three centres teach adults and we all three follow the curriculum dictated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we decided on what aspects to cover at each level: A1/A2: Exploring Clich├ęs about Culture and People. descriptive text B1/ B2.1: A World of Stories : We'll be storytellers narrative text B2.2: Being Tourist Agents- Best Regions to Discover! argumentative text C1/C2: Interculturality- Immigration and the Encounter with the Other. a variety of texts

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