Building the Blocks of Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing - to enjoy a better world


    We are delighted to announce that Bonnie, our 'school dog in training' has now graduated and passed her final assessment with Dogs for Health. This means that Bonnie will now be able to start spending longer in the classrooms in addition to her time already spent in the playground and at Breakfast Club. Children will be finding out more about this in an upcoming assembly where Bonnie will also be presented with her School Dog collar. We are all very proud of Bonnie!


    Monday 28th March saw Year 5 go to Mill on the Brue for an Activity Day. They were greeted by Dave who was their Instructor for the day. 
    The children worked incredibly well together throughout the day and completed: low ropes obstacle course, assault course, animal feeding, problem solving games, climbing, abseiling and the terrifying Quick Flight. 

    All children were excellent ambassadors of our school and showed our core values of kindness and resilience throughout the day. Well done Year 5!


    Religious Education this term

    This term in RE, our focus lies with the Jewish festival of Passover and Christian celebrations of Easter. Through Godly Play, Stations of the Cross (in church), Easter garden making and creation of Easter prayers, we give children the opportunity to develop their spiritual awareness as well as encourage reflection and the development of deeper thinking skills. Early Years and KS1 had the opportunity to visit Wells Cathedral which is a wonderful chance to develop awe and wonder and spiritual awareness, whilst learning about why the cathedral is so special and hearing the Easter story through activities.

    We make links between Passover and the Last Supper, reminding children of the events of Holy Week and older children use their detective skills to decide if the prophets were accurate in their prophecies, by comparing Isaiah and the Gospels.

    Our learning is being shared in a shared assembly and our Easter Service- led by the children. Year five and six are also taking the lead at the Stations of the Cross, where they will help younger children to experience the different areas / parts of the story.

    Karen Miles ( RE Lead)

    Well done to everyone who made an extra effort to take an active journey to school over the past 2 weeks. Overall our school recorded 575 active journeys which means 63% of journeys to school were either walking, scooting or riding. We ranked 280 out of all the schools who took part in the country. Hopefully we can build on this success and, especially as the spring and summer weather settles in, more and more children can find ways to take an active journey to school. It helps set children's minds up for the day and benefits the environment too. As part of our efforts to support Sustrans in their work we have raised £60 with mufti today - thank you.

    Mrs Karen Parker
    (Sports and Opal Lead)



    Earlier this week both Chestnut and Oak Class visited Wells Cathedral. The visit allowed children to learn about the Easter story and to find out more about the cathedral. Each group had a tour where we spotted the different alter cloths, signs of the cross, stained glass windows, pews, choir stalls, pulpit and the organ. Each group also spent time in the education room sequencing the Easter story, making badges and colouring stained glass windows. At midday we sat and watched the historic clock chime midday too. An unexpected highlight of the visit was the concert rehearsal taking place in the cathedral while we were walking around. Thank you to our parent helpers who accompanied us on this visit and thank you Mrs Miles for organising this experience. 



    Thank you to Miss Williams who organised the amazing Shakespeare Workshops funded by PTA, I’m sure your child thoroughly enjoyed them. The pictures looked amazing.


    Book Week March 2022

    We have a busy term ahead of us which started this week with a wonderful celebration of books. Thank you for your support with costumes - the children looked amazing and the conversations in class about the costumes has helped us to raise awareness and appreciation of non-fiction books whilst also inspiring our own non-fiction writing. 





    It was wonderful to see so many parents on Story Night. Our PTA used this event to help launch our Wish List of books. A special incentive for this weekend: Mr B's have announced that all profits from purchases made TOMORROW will go to support the Ukraine relief effort.

    Over the week we have linked our non-fiction learning with art which was displayed in the hall during our bedtime story evening. Oak Class learnt about Africa; Chestnut Class learnt about polar bears and brown bears. Beech Class learnt about frogs, looking at frogspawn, reading fun facts and finding out how frogs defend themselves. Sycamore Class considered the question 'can we really help the polar bears', creating picture books about this to share with Oak Class. They also planned and performed a debate about whether we should become more environmentally friendly or not



    We launched an exciting new award this week to promote reading with our children. Well done to our first winners of this award.



    The whole school has reflected this week on how to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Activities ranged from mindful breathing techniques through to thinking about our hopes and dreams and how we can 'reach for the stars'.

    Please remember that we have several links on our website of local agencies that can support you and your child with mental health and wellbeing. 

    Heart Heroes Charity

    A huge thank you to everyone who supported the Oak Class cake sale this week to fundraise for Heart Heroes. Together you raised over £130.

    Thank you buddies for helping the children in Oak class to prepare!

    Child's Mental Health Week- February 2021

    This year we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week virtually. The children have been ‘expressing themselves’ and learning more about how to stay mentally well - particularly important during the pandemic and lockdown. Here are some images to show just a glimpse of what has been happening this week:


    The News Tree (March/Spril 2021)

    Following Lockdown, the children returned to school full of excitement. Being back with our friends meant we had lots to catch-up on, so we created The News Tree Podcast in Year 5/6. This was an optional lunchtime club that the children worked on in small groups. 

    Have a look/listen at their amazing work and top news stories!


    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6


    Dogs For Health- April 2021


    We have been lucky enough to have Dogs for Health in at St. Julian's in 2021. Spot the Dog has been working with children in Sycamore class. Spot is here to help the children learn about care, the world around us and animals. They have learnt about grooming, how to care for a dog and the different exericses Laura (his handler) has to do with him each day. 

    Spot has been supporting the children's mental health since returning from Lockdown in March 2021. 


    I am very excited to announce that we will be getting a school dog! Bonnie (a cockerdor) will be Mrs Noall’s dog and, through the training and support of Dogs for Health, she will be trained to be a therapy dog in school. She will start making visits to school after half term as part of her training. In addition, and as part of her induction to school, the team from Dogs for Health will be leading an assembly with the children all about how to act around a school dog and how they can be involved with her. 


    June 2021- St. Julian's Sponsored Walk

    This finally took place in June! Achieving over 10,000 steps for some years. Well Done everyone!

    We will be using the sponsorship money to help pay for our new school Wellie Rack.




    SPORTS DAY 2021

    On the 30th of June we had our sports day (kindly held at the Chapman’s paddock).  We completed 4 races - obstacle, egg and spoon, sprint and relay. 

    As everyone did their races at the end they got given a sticker either 1st 2nd 3rd. Once they had gotten their  sticker they went over to put their score in a tally and then their points went to whichever house they were in.

    There was an obstacle race where we had to balance a ball on  a tennis racket and then run with that to the hockey stick then dribble the ball to the coits which you put on your head and jump over the hurdles to the finish line.  It was a really fun race! 

    The egg and spoon was a test of balance and speed, it was great to see children from Reception to Year 6 attempt to not drop the egg.

    We finished up with our sprinting races and the Year 6’s completed their final class relay! 

    Every child did incredibly well and they should feel really proud of themselves! 

    A big thank you to Mrs Parker, Mr Smalley, James (from Premier), Mrs Edwards and all of the teachers and TA’s who helped us complete the day. 

    A big congratulations to Green house for their victorious win!