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    Hi, I’m Victoria.

    In our school, we have a crew called CultureCrew. CultureCrew is a crew with 12 people. We have 3 3rd graders, 2 5th graders, 4 6th graders and 3 7th graders. As a part of CultureCrew, you help different kinds of artists feel welcome in the school, and help them and the kids have a good experience with the different events. You can present the musicians to the students, help the musicians and theater people move their stuff, get them food, plan events and film and take photos when there are different events. I’m very happy to be a part of CultureCrew, because you get the chance to meet a lot of new people, and make new friends. The events we help with are incredibly fun and exciting. I have been a part of CultureCrew since the first CultureCrew in 2018. I’ve had a lot of exciting experiences and developed a lot of new skills as a part of CultureCrew. The latest event we had was a performance with an Indian/Persian group of musicians that I presented when they performed. I hope we can encourage other schools to get a CultureCrew too.    

      Cooking over fire 


    In our school garden we often  have a bonfire where we cook different types of food or warm our hands.

    We like to sit by the fire and carve in a piece of wood.

    Sometimes we make pancakes with honey from our bees or we make soup from our own vegetables from the school garden. We also like to make twist bread with honey or ketchup. I like food on a bonfire. Made by Oskar.