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    I like Crossfit and to see Crossfit Games

    I go to crossfit four times a week. It's fun and you get stronger every time you come and train.

    Crossfit Games is a tournament with a lot of  big people that have trained most of their life to go to crossfit games. This is Matt Fraser, he has won 5 crossfit games.  tournamentHe is one of the strongest person in crossfit games for men.


    football it's fun to watch and play in our school we play a lot of football 

    my favorite team is liverpool

    my favorite football player is Roberto firmino 

    Lionel messi he is one of the best football players in the world 

    lionel messi is 34 years old messi is left foot. he is 170 cm height 

    I like to play basket in the

    school yard

    I like Lebron James

    One of the best basketball players is Lebron James

    Lebron James is 35 years old

    Stephen Curry 

    He is 188 height

    He is 34 years old 

    Stephen Curry has make 2,977 3 points shot


    Our School kitchen is a place where we make food and have fun.  We have 2 hours of home economics  every second week. 

    We have 6 different teams that compete against each other. The best team wins the cook of the month and they get a picture upon the door with famous cooks and a candy bag to eat. 

    The best thing about the school kitchen is that we can use what we learn  in real life -  the worst thing is cleaning up…..

    Noah and August 6.a


    What is  a Reversed Christmas Calendar?


    Reversed Christmas calendar is about helping and doing something for other people. We worked with this calendar in December at Arden School.

    In 2021 the theme for the calendar was Children's privilege.

    In every episode there is a movie with a child 

    getting help from SOS Children's Villages

    The host is also using a poster with all the 42 rules from the Children Convention.


    December 1.


    Here are some of the rules explained on this day:

    Rule 1: The children conventions rules are for all kids under 18.

    Rule 6: Every child has the right to live as well as possible.

    Rule 7: Every child has the right to have a name and belong to a country.

    Rule 8: Every child has the right to have their own identity.


    Facts about the children Convention.


    The children convention was created in 1989 and is a list of rules describing the children's privileges.

    SOS Children Villages follow the children convention in the work of helping kids with no parents.

    SOS Children Villages has more than 500 children cities around the world.

    In Tanzania over 2 million children have lost their parents.


    The days good deed.


    Every day in December we had to do a good deed and something good for other people.

    A day in december we made candles out

    of beeswax that could be used as a gift for Christmas.



    Well Being Day

    Made by Lara and Sara


     Well being day is where we are together with our friendship class.This year we could not be together with our friendship class because of covid, but we were lucky that we could be with our kindergarten friendship class, to help them with a test we all have to take that day.

    When we were helping our friendship class, we got in groups with what child we should help.

    When we sat down with the child an we helped them read some questions about what they think about school.after that we cut out the shape of each of our hands out in cardboard then we stuck the cardboard hands together and wrote inside of them what we like about school. When we were done with that we had to put it on a tree trunk so it would look like a tree.






    I have only been a student at Arden School for about a month. I feel that I was welcome from the first day here and I have got many friends. I have been living in Arden all the time but have been going to a private school, so I knew many of my friends already. Actually I was a student here before when I was 7, now I am 13 years old.

    Walking and Running for a BETTER WORLD - and to run kilometers to reach our friends in Ireland - England - France and Spain.


    We did very good - one class went for 27.000 km in one day!!!! Every week we collected kilometers in different way and the 3 weeks got us all the way to:  3