Our Hopes and Dreams 5th Grade

  • Hi my name is Anna am I am 11 years old and I am from Fifth Grade.

     Here are My Dreams and Hopes for 2021.

    1. I hope I can come out in the summer, and not be home all summer.

    2. I miss my friends so much, so I hope I can meet them again soon.

    3. I hope that we can celebrate  Halloween, Christmas, New Year and Easter without thinking of covid-19 all the time. But we probably need to think about covid-19 for Easter.

    4. I hope I can see my Family, from the Southern part of Denmark. i am already seeing my family that lives close to me and but i hope i can meet them All on the same time! :D

    5. I actually enjoy having homeschool but I hope we can get back to school again. 


    I really  hope I can see my class again. Now we are in the middle of March and are still in homeschool.

    I hope I can see my friends again

    I hope you can play with your friends again

    I hope I can travel to Italy this summer

    I hope we can get back to school


    I hope I can throw a party on my birthday this summer with more than 5 guests


    I hope we can sleep at school again

    I hope I can get a dog this year


    I hope this year I'll see all the Harry Potter movies


    I hope I get a new cover for my birthday


    I hope the corona virus goes away


    I hope I can visit my grandmother again



    Hello my name is Jonathan. I am 11 years old and i’m in 5th grade. I love to  play football and play with my friends


    I hope I can be together with my friends again 

    I can play football with my friends 

    I hope to see my class and school again 

    we can see  family again

    I really look foret to shops and activity open again 

    I hope corona go away 

    I dream about traveling again 

    I hope all be normal again

    hello my name is Lucas i am 11 years old i gom from Arden in Denmark 


    1.  I would like to see my friends

    2.  I would like to go to sport again


    3.  I would  like to go to school again


    4. I  would like to see my great grandmother


    5.  I would like to go on holiday this year


    6.   I hope I get a big room in our new house


    7.   I look forward to summer 


    8.  I would like to have a big birthday party


    9.  I would like to walk on the ice 


    10. I would like to visit my great grandmother


    My hopes and dreams for 2021

    Hello my name is Lærke, I am from 5th grade Arden school.

    And this is my hopes and dreams for 2021.


    I hope that I soon will be able to play football with my teammates again. 



    Another hope is to see all my friends again.



    One of my biggest dreams is that I would like to travel, and go on a holiday to Greece again. 



    I also miss going to amusement parks such as Fårup Sommerland. That is a park in the woods where you can go in a water park and on roller coasters and things like that.


    My name is Nellie.

    I am 11 years old and I'm turning 12 in August.

    I live in Denmark and you probably already know that.


    My Dreams and Hopes:


    I hope that maybe many different places will open again, because many places are locked.


    My dream is to travel because I have never tried to travel before, but I don't like planes so maybe a car ride or  on a ship.


    I hope that when I turn 18 or over I hope I could move to a city called Aalborg or Hobro.


    I very much hope to see my grandma again because she's not

    feeling so good lately. She has been in an elderly home for some time now.


    One of my dreams is to meet One Direction because I love their songs.


    When I get big I may want to work for a café or some kind of bar or a place you can eat.


    One of my other dreams is to be in a movie, because I love movies and I would love to be in one.


    Bye! Have a great year. -Nellie