Virtual Mobility Denmark

  • As Denmark is in a new lockdown until February the 7th, we will try to go ahead with this mobility next week from tuesday to friday ( the 26th till 29 th).


    Here is the link to our mobility. 4 classes from 5th and 6th Grade worked in small groups and all the groups chose themselves what to tell you/ show you.

    We have 3 parts you can look into

    1. Arden School: Children telling about our school.

    2. Arden village and surroundings: Children chose places around Arden and the forest to tell you about.


    3. Learn Danish with us: Some students would like to teach you a bit of Danish ;-)


    Above are the  links to our mobility in Drive - we hope that you can open all of it, otherwise let us know.

    4th Graders have made you a video about their forest school, they have been working with the stoneage and made clay bowls, that they were going to finish in an outdoor oven, but due to Corona, they did not do that yet. See their video here.

    We hope you will enjoy our different presentations and feel free to ask us a lot of questions, when we are able to make some skype meetings with you.

    It would be nice if you could write some of your questions here, so we can be prepared to answer ;-)


    Best Helle

  • Put your questions here:

    Questions from St. Julian, Wellow