Our Hopes and Dreams



    Well done to everyone who has already embraced the new Citizenship and Character Award. We appreciate that as a new initiative there have been some teething issues with how it operates, so here is a quick 'how to' guide.

    1) Children can choose a challenge from any part of the award, however we are recommending children all start with the first grid so we can guide, explain and support them through our assemblies at school. This term we are suggesting children start with 'Developing Me'.

    2) Children complete their chosen challenge at home, gathering evidence that can be shared with their teacher - this could be a photo, a piece of writing, a drawing, a certificate etc. Evidence can be uploaded via Dojo too. Please make sure this is succinctly presented with a brief explanation so the teacher knows that this post is linked to the award rather than other home learning. Please support your child to complete their chosen challenge to the best of their ability and to consider carefully how they can best share the evidence of this challenge with their teacher. The child must be able to explain exactly what they have done: this is their challenge and not yours!

    3) Teachers will use Thursdays to check-in with any child who in that week has submitted a challenge. If physical evidence is being presented then it needs to come to school on a Thursday.  Your child will need to bring their passport to school on this day so their teacher can sign off the challenge. 

    4) The award is designed to be a long-term challenge. Children will have three opportunities to achieve bronze, silver or gold; at the end of Year 2, end of Year 4 and end of Year 6. To achieve bronze within this timeframe Key Stage 2 children need to aim to complete roughly one challenge every 3 weeks whilst younger children need to aim for roughly one challenge a month.

    As this is a new initiative and one that is Trust-wide we will learn together whilst hopefully inspiring our children to challenge themselves in each of the areas of this award. Good luck!


    The Logo Competition - January-April 2021

    The children at St. Julian's Church School have enjoyed designing and creating their own logos for our new project. 

    We used maps to locate each country, to find out the captial cities and also the different flags! 

    All classes in school took part and find the winners shortlisted below. 

    It was a really tough decision and all the teachers in school looked carefully at which designs encapsulated the essence of 'Building a Better World'. 


    With our overall winner being from Sycamore Class. 

    Well done to all children who took part, it was amazing to see such creativity! 


    In April 2021, we met virtually with our Erasmus friends to announce the winner, it was an exciting Zoom call and we were waiting eagerly to see if we won... 


    Congratulations to Maristes Valdemia!