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    Thank you all for helping in the massive success of Grow £1 and for all your support of the children at Market Day. A very empowering experience for all our participants last Thursday and over the last few weeks. Don’t forget to send your evidence to your teacher via Dojo for the Passport achievements!

    We raised an incredible £1254!

    Well done to all our fantastic entrepreneurs, we were blown away with all the children’s creative ideas and incredible skills. A few who stood out have prizes at the office:

    Eco Award: Jack Chapman - Eco Food Wraps made from scrap fabric to creative a non-plastic alternative using waste to save waste.

    Entrepreneurial Award:  Bella / Rose Smith - scrunchies from old fabric off cuts sold at market day and in their local cafe, and learning a new skill to achieve this.

    Creative Award: Thea Davey - Dog Biscuits - baking with a difference!



    A fantastic performance by St Julian's Football team they played amazing matches against Clutton & Farrington Primary Schools. Thank you to Mr Smalley & Mr Sloggett for organising and coaching the team. We look forward to see you all on the pitch again soon.


    Year 5/6 visited Downside school on Thursday for a jam-packed day on forensic science. We were greeted by the staff who alerted us that the Downside Trophy had been stolen! Through digital forensics (looking at encrypted codes and Caesar cipher) and physical evidence (finger prints and analysing different animal and human hairs). The children successfully found out ‘Who Dunnit’ and were overjoyed to be rewarded with some goodie bags from the school.

    All children were excellent role models and had so much fun. We are delighted to have maintained our link with Downside school and look forward to additional visits to their grounds as well as welcoming their teachers and students to St Julian’s soon! 

    British Science Week -March 2021


    Children have been celebrating British Science Week  by completing some interesting Science investigations. Oak Class investigated a waterproof home for a a little bear based on fairy tales that they have been learning about in class. Chestnut Class made parachutes for a boiled egg! They had to work out which was the best parachute to protect an egg when it was dropped from a height. Beech Class has been learning all about forces and friction. They made catapults and investigated which surface created the most friction and Sycamore Class have been learning all about the heart and how exercise affects heart rate. They did some running and jumping and measured their heart rate by recording their pulse. 
    The children have thoroughly enjoyed their science learning and have talked with huge enthusiasm about what they have learned.