Teachers Meeting Denmark

  • ERASMUS MEETING DENMARK  April 3rd - April 6th 2022

    Planting World Goal trees attending Forest School with students from Arden School

    Planning the project and mobilities

    Workshop : Life as a tree ;-)

    Workshop at KUNSTEN museum learning about marple and looking at art of marple and learning how to make children find solutions together.

    Workshop at UTZON museum, Aalborg, where we learned to draw and build sustainable houses for only 4 people on 32 m2.

    Visiting the MUSEUM of Pharmacy from within the middleages.

    Erasmus dinner between Danish and foreing teachers.

    SATURDAY arrival April 2nd

    SUNDAY - arrival April 3rd

    MONDAY April 4th

    TUESDAY April 5th

    WEDNESDAY April 6th



    Arrival at school at 8.40 Am with train  - we will pick you up at Arden Station

    ( Helle/ Dorthe)



    You have a late start.

    We only have little time for lunch, so make sure to bring a sandwich.


    France arrives 22.50

    (Cathy and Benedicte)

    Stay at Hotel Zleep, Aalborg


    8.50-9.45: Attending language classes in primary, middle and upper classes 

    You will be picked up from the Teachers Room to go to the classes.


    Look at the programme below

    Meet up at “KUNSTEN” at


    Adress: Kong Chr. Allé 50, Aalborg


    11.30- 13.00 

    Workshop where you will learn how students work at the art museum

    Visit our Special Need Classes at 10 am.

    Our leader of this department will meet with us.


    10.10 -11.45: Attending Forest School Classes

    ( Bring practical clothes/shoes)

    4.th Grade At Lake St. Økssø

    Michele/ Mads

    5th Grade at Hvass Lake

    Lene/ Thomas

    6th Grade in our School Garden/ Biodiversity Garden

    Dorthe/ Helle


    Ireland departs at 10.20 am.

    France departs at 10.20 am.


    5 pm England arrives

    ( Rosie and Karen/ 

    Tania and Helen)

    17.40 Spain arrives

    ( Beneta and Laura)

    Arden School Lunch 12-13

    Visit to UTZON CENTER

    Workshop for teachers at

    14.00 pm 

    Here you will see how we work with students about architecture and sustainability. Utzon was a famous  Danish architect.


    Spain departs 18.10 pm-


    Ireland arrives at 20.20

    (Stephen and Hannah)

    13-13.45: Meeting with Arden School Headmasters.

     Telling about our focuses internationally/ Forest School.


    England depart at 6pm


    14 -16: Teachers Meeting


    An artist who have worked with our 5th Grade students will tell about drama and land art. 



    - Mobilities

    - Skyping experience

    -Mobility Tool

    - TwinSpace

    - certificate of attendance

    Visit to The old Pharmacy Museum at 16.30  pm 

    Østerågade 9


    Evening free

    Dinner at Duus Vinkælder at 19.00 pm

    Østerågade 9