Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - for a better world

  •  Create a room 

    Made by Silke and Anna

    What is create a room?

    “Create a room” is something we do in Art Class where we have a shoe box.

    Light from above

    On the top of the shoe box we cut a big hole and a smaller hole.

    When we are done cutting the holes we take some colored tissue paper and cover the

     hole with it and see how the light makes the color.


    There are cold,warm, dark and light colors. 

    The colors green, purple and blue are cold colors. 

    The warm colors are yellow, orange, red and pink.

    Dark colors are dark blue, dark green, dark red, black and dark purple.

    Light colors are actually the same as the warm colors.

    To get the lighting we take 2 phones, one to take a picture and one to make light 

    at the top.


    After we have glued our tissue paper in we cut our doors and windows.

    It is our choice how we want to decorate the room we are making. :)

    Some people in our class make a beach, the forest, a football field, a computer room, The ocean, their own room and many other things. In our room we want to make a bedroom.




    Animals threatened by the climate



    The Koala bear is the only animal in the world,that is solely living off eucalyptus.

    The leaves contains a poison that  make them uneatable to other animals.

    It uses about 5 hours a day to find food and eats about 1 kilo leaves a day.

    It is a threatened species because of the wood fires and the logging of the trees and woods of Australia.

    Inverted Christmas Calendar

    In Grade we have decided to work differently in December this year. We are doing a diverse Christmas Calendar, learning about SOS Childrens villages in 130 countries all over the world. We are collecting money for children without parents, learning about the Childrens Convention rules and every day trying to do good deeds for others: writing a christmas letter to a grandparent, doing dishes and other chores for our parents, helping a friend and doing something for the climate and our pets. 

    Every morning we see small films from children all over the world telling about the villages for children without parents and also children telling about how they do good things for people, animals and the earth.


    We are all connected - International Peace Poster Contest Lion Club Graders on Arden School have been drawing meaningful drawings about peace in the world - that we are all connected no matter colour or religion. Elisabeth had made a marvelous drawing and was the winner in our own area and now her drawing will be in the national contest. We will cross our fingers for her ;-)

    Learning about the eco system and the water cycle.


    Model of the water cycle You will need: An aquarium, film, ice cubes, a rock or some wood, watercress, cotton wool, water, salt and tape. 1. Take an aquarium and fill in 5-10 cm of water. 2. Put salt in the water. 3. Put your stone or piece of wood in the water. 4. Put a piece of damp cotton wool on the stone or tree. 5. Put water on the cotton wool. 6. Put film over your aquarium and tape it down. 7. Put an ice cube on your film over your island. Then you get a nice little island <3 ------------------------------------------------- Results after 1 week

    At Arden School we are working with the perspective of insects and especially bees - if they were not here - what else would not be here - who is next in the food chain- if the wild animals disappear then we will have more pandemics, some scientists say.

    We have planted a lot of herbs and flowers to help our bees. The students have worked with their own plant and what the herb og flower can be used for so next we will try to use some of them in food, lotion and what we might find out.