Virtual Mobility - Host - June 2021

  • This term as part of an Erasmus project with other European schools we went on Zoom calls with the schools from Denmark, France and England.

    It was great fun, nearly everyone got up and spoke about our wonderful school and answered questions that they had sent to us. They had looked at our Open Day video and our class Christmas video so they got to learn about us before we had the video conference.

    We learned about their schools too, it was very fun to see that some schools in other countries are similar to our school and some are very different. For example, the French school has a Wednesday off but starts school at half 8 AM and finishes at half 4 PM and they have two hours every day for lunch.

    The Danish school had a pond beside their school and they cycle around it every so often it is about 3 kilometres around it.

    The English school was very small compared to our school, it only has 4 classrooms and Primary 1 and 2 shared a classroom, Primary 3 and 4 shared a classroom, Primary 5 and 6 shared a classroom, Primary 7 had their own classroom. They only had 92 students in their whole school.

    We really enjoyed the Zoom calls, it was very interesting to learn about schools in different countries.

    Some things were the same and some were different and we all were very impressed with their English.

    The English school had a class pet. It was the Principal’s dog and it was called Ollie. He was only a puppy; he was undergoing training to be brought into their relaxing room to be used as a nurturing aid to the students.

    We sent lots of videos of our school. They especially liked the science courtyard and our P5 show.

    We were very surprised how similar all the schools were and there were things that they had that we would like.

    All of us enjoyed the Erasmus project this year.  


    Grainne Carey and Lexi McGuinness

    P5 McKenna