Engaging our Local and Global Communities - in sustained and positive change

  • Our school is involved in an ecomobility challenge organised by Bordeaux Metropole with 3 other schools in the city of Le Bouscat. It will be 7th-11th June.

    During one week, the families and the students are supposed to use ecomobilities on their way to school : scooters, bicycles, public transports (bus, tramway), foot... and not to use private cars.

    The local community organised, for the students, an exhibition with the favorite ecomobility means of transport in Bordeaux.





    The Solidarity meal

    In colaboration with the local community, our school was involved in a solidarity action.

    The 29th March, in our school restaurant, the students eat a solidarity meal. That means, for each student's meal, the food bank could get 4 meals.