Virtual Mobility

  • UK and Denmark Virtual Mobility February 2022


    On Thursday this week our Year 5 and Year 6 children met up virtually with children in our link school in Denmark. The children shared conversation about their favourite hobbies and sports whilst finding out a little more about life in Denmark. Later this term Miss Williams and Mrs Miles will be visiting the school in Denmark to begin to plan our first post-Covid overseas Erasmus trip. This is a very exciting turning point! We are also pleased to announce that due to the restraints on travel caused by Covid, we have been granted an extension to our Erasmus project which will hopefully mean that children from St Julian's will be able to participate in overseas visits to our partner schools over the next two years. 


    UK Virtual Mobility - November 2021

    Please find our presentations and videos here:

    Erasmus 1.pdf

    Our school.pdf

    Erasmus 3.pdf

    Videos: Video 1


    Denmark/UK Virtual Mobility February 2021


    In February 2021, children in Sycamore class enjoyed virtually meeting with children from Arden Skole. We found out lots of information about your school, your town and the local area! We were so happy that the pandemic didn't stop us from meeting up. 



    Arden Skole- Easter 2021

    Thank you to Arden Skole for our Easter decorations and your thoughtful card. You are really talented artists and we enjoyed looking through them.





    Easter Decorations UK -> Maristes Valdemia


    Children at St.Julian's enjoyed creating and sending some Easter decorations to Maristes Valdemia. Showing our friends that we are thinking of them all during these difficult times. 


    Virtual Mobility UK -> Ecole Lafon Feline May 2021


    In May, Sycamore Class got a chance to reconnect with our friends in France. We loved researching, reading and watching all of their videos and presentations about their school day, their daily life and their local area. 

    We organised a virtual mobility and enjoyed hearing their answers and learning more about Ecole Lafon Feline. We look forward to seeing you again soon!