Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - for a better world

  • Gas vs. Electric

    On Tuesday during Build a Better World Week (May 2021) Mercedes brought two cars to school to help the children consider the pros and cons of petrol and diesel cars versus electric cars. Whilst the V8 engine was impressive to look at and listen to, the children were able to consider the impact of this car on the environment and compare this to their latest electric car model. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions about both cars and the future of electric cars.

    Grow a Fiver Project

    The finale of the Sycamore Class Grow a Fiver project took place during Build a Better World Week (May 2021) and helped our older children to see for themselves how they could be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The class has been working on this project all term, at home and at school, working, planning, learning about entrepreneurship, marketing and budgeting. Given five pounds each they were tasked with converting that money into a product that could be sold and in turn produce more than a fiver. 

    They were superstars! Aided by each other, parents, grandparents and siblings the children beavered away creating all sorts to sell; plants, cakes, cards, bracelets, ice-cream, coasters, wellie racks, keyrings, dog treats ..... the list was endless and eclectic. But all that hard work paid off as Chestnut and Beech loved their visit to the shops.  'It's amazing out there!' exclaimed one Chestnut member to Beech. The children chatted, mingled, supported each other and laughed but most importantly sold! In fact, almost everything was gone by 3:30pm.

    Thank you to the parents at home who have helped Sycamore develop their brand, to the parents who sent in money to be spent and the parents who came to support. It was a great afternoon. Over £400 profit was raised!

    Science Week

    Did you know that you can grow your own rainbow?

    You will need a scientific process called the capillary action to create your rainbow. This action happens when a liquid moves up through a hollow tube or into a spngy, solid material.

    It happens when 3 forces work together: cohesion, adjesion and surface tension.

    Water molecules like to stick to each other - this is called cohesion. They also like to stick to solids in a process called adhesion.

    Beech Class had lots of joy creating their very own rainbows. They cut up kitchen roll into th shape of a rainbow. At each end, they used a felt top pen to colour a rainbow about 2cm from the bottom. They then attached a paperclip to the top of the rainbow and tied a piece of thread to it. Lastly, they added water to cups and held the rainbows watching them grow.

    They linked this to their PSHE learning. In the same way in which the rainbow grew, Beech Class are growing and reconnecting as one!


    What is inside a flower?

    During Science week, Beech Class also explored the different parts of plants and flowers. They observed, dissected, identified and labelled the different parts of a daffoldil. After exploring the flower, the children created pictures that were as unique and individual as they are.