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  • Reading is Magic Festival!

    Sycamore Class focused on 'all children have the right to have a planet to read on' and the Non-fiction book Palm Trees at the north pole by Mark ter Horst. We did some work on the oceans, reading about how they are able to absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere but that once full of CO2 the oceans become acidic. The children converted this written text into a flow diagram.

    Working in small groups they then read about alternatives to fossil fuels, and the pros and cons that solar or wind energy have. Once they had created a written list they used a collaborative writing package on Purple Mash to create an argument spider diagram.

    Chestnut Class explored the book "The Bear, the Piano and Little Bear's concert. We discussed how an orchestra works together as a team and creates music together. Inspired by this, the children made maracas from plastic eggs, spoons and popcorn kettles which they then decorated. We recorded a video of the children playing their maracas along to their Harvest song!                            

    Oak Class joined David Litchfield for a reading of his wonderful book 'The Bear and the Piano'. After listening to the story, we all joined David to learn how to draw bears - the grown ups in the class were impressed by how carefully children listened to and followed the instructions. Well done Acorn 2s and 3s, we think your pictures are fantastic!

    Vegan Restaurant 

    On Wednesday during Build a Better World Week (May 2021) the children enjoyed a cooking demonstration by Richard Buckley - dad to Noah and head chef of Oak restaurant in Bath. The children learnt how chocolate is produced from cocoa beans and tasted vegan chocolate buttons before sampling the vegan chocolate brownie that they had watched being made. They then learnt how to make fresh spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce  - the pasta machine was hard work for those children who helped! Richard then answered questions from the children about where food travels from and how they can help the planet through their food choices. 

    Easter Celebrations

    To celebrate Easter the children at Shoscombe completed lots of different activites. They enjoyed taking part in Hot Cross Bun club at lunch time; going on an Easter Egg Egg hunt in the fields of Shoscombe; decorating then rolling eggs down our hilly playground and creating Easter bonnets for our annual Easter bonnet competition which was judged by a member of the village.


    World Book Day

    This year as part of our World Book Day celebrations we invited Lizzie virtually into our school to lead Storytelling Workshops with every class. The children created props to help tell the story with Lizzie. KS1 explored the book - Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, while KS2 delved into the book - Asha and the Spirit Bird by Jasbinder Bilan.