Our Hopes and Dreams

  • 1) Hopes and dreams :

    Hello my name is Paco, I hope to celebrate my birthday next summer without Covid-19!

    My name is Daniel, one of my dream is that in 2021, there is no more pollution in the ocean.

    My name is Lilit, I hope that everyone in the world respects the earth and stops the deforestation and stops pollution.

    My name is Sony, in 2021, I hope to see my family more often without thinking of Covid-19.

    My name is Victoire, I dream of the Earth without pollution, everyone can sort the waste!

    My name is Faustine, I dream in 2021 of stopping school at home because it's so difficult with my brother and my sister!

    My name is Antonin, I hope to see Covid-19 disappear and stop wearing masks because it pollutes. I hope to travel in summer!


    I would like to see an effective vaccine against COVID-19 and a reduction in global warming.




    I would like the COVID-19 to stop. I would also like swimming pools, parks, beaches and amusement parks to reopen.




    I wish there would be no more racism, poverty, pollution. And I want COVID-19 to stop.




    I would like everyone to show solidarity, and for COVID-19 to no longer exist. I would like to see a lot more eco-neighbourhood and no more problems in the world.




    I want there to be no more COVID so that everyone can travel. I want families to be able to reunite.

    Guy Martin



    I would like the COVID-19 to stop. I would like to see man go to Mars one day.



    2) Want to save animals in danger in the world: