IT activities

  • Andy Warhole Exhibition + Workshop in Bologna

    15th February 2019

    On the 15th February, the pupils of the third and fourth grades went to Bologna to see Andy Warhol's exhibition. The students have learned interesting facts about his life and his work thanks to a very professional guide.
    After the exhibition, the students participated in a workshop. The aim was to create a pop art poster using brands or logos from today's era.


    Visiting UFFIZI Gallery in Florence

    19th May 2019

    In May 2019, we had the opportunity to visit the Uffizi gallery. We had a chance to observe paintings from the most famous Italian painters such as Sandro Botticelli, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.



    Sara Lovari artist - introduction lesson

    The meaning of art

    29th October 2019

    In October 2019, Sara Lovari, the artist from Poppi, came to our school to discuss with the students the meaning of art. Also, she brought her model made of thick paper called the Shoes. She presented three videos that described the art in general and showed some of her other pieces as well. In the end, every student tried the gigantic shoes on.


    Visiting POPPI castle - Sara Lovari artist

    7th November 2019

    In November 2019, the pupils from the fourth grade visited the Poppi castle where the Lovari's sculpture made of metal is displayed.
    At the same time, there were two exhibitions to see — the display of black and white photography from a local artist and the oil paintings from Andrea Conti. The pupils could observe different techniques and painting styles.


    SUMMER CAMPS - Mad about art

    11th - 30th June 2020

    Thanks to the Erasmus+ project, our children got so into art that we have decided to organize an Art summer camp. In two weeks, our students explored new artists such as Kandinsky or Piet Mondrian. They enjoyed themselves.