2nd meeting: Poland

  • Cracow, Poland

    26 - 28 march 2019

    From 26 to 28 March 2019 a three-day meeting of the student delegations from partner schools took place in Kraków. It was the first meeting of the students and accompanying teachers engaged in the Erasmus + project „Famous painters among us”.

    The first day was dedicated for the workshop.  All participants introduced  to one another in a funny way to break the ice. Then the students in national teams presented their country and school using multimedia presentations. English language was the main language of the presentations.

    The next step of getting to know each other was the premiere of the film „Happy painters”. The film was made by the Polish students and it was greatly received by the international audience. It warmed up the meeting to such a point that suddenly, quite spontaniously all the students and teachers started dancing.

    After the film it was high time to show the Polish school  and the exhibition of works that had been  created by the Polish students as part of the project. There were also photos in the photo booth with the motif of the works of Vincent van Gogh. Also the first acquaintances were formed. During the break with the sweet treat children were talking more and more freely and boldly.

    The main point of the workshop day was a quiz about the ten painters who are the heroes of our project. It was great fun in international teams. All participants  showed wide knowledge  answering the questions, recognising the paintings or formings the pictures from jigsaw puzzles.

    After lunch, Slovaks, Czechs and Italians visited our school during lessons, where they also presented their country and school to other Polish students.

     In the afternoon they stayed with Polish families.

    We devoted the second day to show interesting places in our region. The first point of the program was the salt mine in Wieliczka, which is  on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The guests were delighted with the beauty of salt sculptures. Some tried to check if everything is actually made of salt.

    In the second part of the day, the visitors and the hosts participated in art workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK and also saw some selected works from the museum collection.

    In the late afternoon, students from partner schools went back to Polish families again and it was already evident that they made friends.

    On the third day, the weather was not too friendly but it did not stop us from admiring the charm of the monuments of Krakow. The guests admired the medieval Main Market Square and the Renaissance Cloth Hall where some souvenirs could be bought.

    The exhibition at the Gallery of XIX Century Polish Painting inside the Cloth Hall, as well as the underground of the medieval Main Market Square, made a big impression.

    In the late afternoon children spent the rest of their time with Polish families.

    Polish students can not wait for further meetings with friends from partner schools.