Slovak school

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    Our school

    There are 245 pupils in our school. We have 13 classes and pupils from 1 to 9 grade. Children start school at the age of 6 and they leave our school at the age of 15. They continue studying at high schools or various specialized high schools. The school year starts on 1 September, to school we go on the first working day of September and the school year ends on the last working day of June.

    What we are learning

    As at every Slovak school we learn these subjects:  Mathematics, Slovak language and literature, Science (from 5 grade Biology, Geography, from 6 grade Physics and from 7 grade Chemistry) and Humanities (History, Citizenship). From 3 grade, children compulsory learn English language 3 times a week and from 6 grade they learn German language twice a week.

    But we also have subjects, which no school in our surrounding provides, for example:  typing with 10 finger technique and environment in 5 grade, regional education in 6 grade, healthy lifestyle in 7 grade, heroes of history in 3 grade.  Every pupil from our school completes a course of swimming in our school pool.

    How teachers evaluate at our school

    The work of pupils is evaluated with marks from 1 to 5. 1 is the best mark and 5 is the worst. Our school year is divided to two parts. After each part pupils get half term grade report. It means they get the first half term grade report in January and the second at the end of June.

    The life of a pupil

    Pupils come to school at 7:30. The lessons start at 7:50. The length of the lesson is 45 minutes. We have ten minute break after each lesson. We usually have 5 or 6 lessons per day. The last lesson ends at 1:15 pm. Pupils have lunch at our school canteen. In the afternoon pupils may go to some of the afternoon activities provided by our Center of free time.

    What I can buy

    Ice cream  0,4€

    Pizza            4 or 5€

    Coca Cola 2L  1,25€