Polish school

  • Our school

    There are 800 students learning in 29 classes from grade 1 to grade 8 in our school. Students who start school are at the age of seven and those who graduate are 15.
    At the end of the 8th grade all the students must take the final exam.
    The school year starts on 1st of September and finishes in June. It is always on the first Friday after 20th of June. The school year is divided in two semesters. We also have three breaks during the school year to have some rest. They are: Christmas break, winter break and Easter break

    Learning and teaching

    In the first three grades  there is an integrated system of learning and teaching. Students’ work is organized around a topic and includes elements of mathematical knowledge, science, reading and writing skills. They also have Music, Art and PE.
    From grade 4 to 6 there are subjects: Polish, Maths, Science, Art, Music, PE, RE. In grade 7 Science is replaced by Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In our school English is taught from grade 1 to grade 8. In the last two years of education German language is introduced.


    The work of the students undergoes ongoing evaluation  and their results are assessed with the marks from 1 to 6. “6” means excellent. At the end of the school year every student gets a certificate and hopefully a promotion to the next grade. It does not concern the first three years. Young students or their parents are provided with a descriptive report.

    School life

    We work in two shifts: morning and afternoon. The first lesson in our school starts at 7.20 and the last finishes at 17.15. The school is busy all day long. Luckily, a new wing is being built at the moment so the life of the students will be easier. Despite the difficulties the school organizes a variety of activities allowing the students to develop their interests and talents. Compensatory and corrective classes are also provided with the help of therapists.
    The students of our school have their representatives in school student board. They also organize a lot of events and actions.
    In the school building the canteen and the tuck shop work and these are the most occupied places in our school

    Prices from our tuck shop:

    water 0,5 Euro
    fresh baked cake 0,5 Euro
    cola is not allowed
    pizza is not allowed

    You are invited to see the presentation of our city and our school prepared by

    the English teacher Joanna Siewierska-Pudełko