Our project

  • The main idea of the two-year project "Famous painters among us" consists of two dimensions: at the beginning of the project pupils will explore the life and work of world famous artists, at the end of the project, they will become the artists themselves. The Slovak - Czech - Polish - Italian project involves 200 students and invites them to discover the trails of 10 famous world and 5 national masters of art from each country. Pupils aged 8 to 11 learn and discover about their life, work, and the period in which they performed. The pupils will then choose the most interesting masterpieces to reproduce in their own, creative way. Those pictures will help the teachers and the parents to recognize and understand the unleashed talents among the pupils, which may at this moment be unnoticed and often distracted by the world of computers, media and Internet.

    The form of learning will be both formal and non-formal activities within and outside of the classroom such as art lessons, history, regional education, excursions, creative workshops and international meetings of teachers and pupils. The pupils will present their works at school exhibitions and public previews. All the involved teachers will create an art guide in the form of a brochure at the end of the project. The idea is it to become a textbook, which promotes the project at schools in the following years.

    Slovakia, october 2018, Trenčianske Teplice

    The Czech Republic Sivice listopad 2018

    Poland, october 2018, Cracow SP 53

    Italy, november 2018, Arezzo