Chiaravalle C.le and surroundings, Italy

  • A presentation: our journey to discover our textile traditions 

    (due to the large size, we had to split the presentation into smaller parts)

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    Interview with Miriam Pugliese, one of the member of Cooperative "Nido di seta",

    about silk production with ancient methods. eTwinning journalist: Pasqualina

    Interview with Chiara Pirroncello, in her handcraft weaving workshop.

    eTwinning journalist: Elisabetta

    Interview with Mrs Giuseppina about ancient silk production in Chiaravalle C.le.

    eTwinning journalist: Raffaele, her grandson.  

    Interview with Mrs caterina about ancient spinning wool in Argusto.

    eTwinning journalist: Mara.

    Interview with Mrs Grazia about old times clothes.

    eTwinning journalists: Concetta and MariaAnna.