• Here is an article about our project in the french newspaper Café pédagogique :



    Our presentation of task7 shared in slideshare.net:



    Here an article about our project on EBA website, the Turkish National Educatio System:


    Presentation created by the help of participated instutions's students:



    I have published "Thank-you letter" for participating in this project to the Lithuanian students and teachers in the school e-register: https://dienynas.tamo.lt/Pranesimai. I would also like to express my best regards and respect to the whole project team for the friendly and trustworthy cooperation while implementing this project. Hope for the further contacts in twinspace. Kindest wishes from the Lithuanian team and a lot of thanks for the opportunity to be in such a great project that has helped us to enhance our educational and social skills of European collaboration.

    Here an article about our project published on June 19th in the "Gazzetta del Sud",

    a newspaper of the South of Italy. Focus is on textile tradition.

    Italian school:

    Here are website: http://www.iischiaravalle.gov.it/e-twinning.html

    We hung up your postcards and 1 of the logos on the wall:


     school site:   http://elisazamfirescu.info/etwinning/  

    Disseminting the project to the pedagogical circle of engineering teachers. (november 9 th 2018, Satu Mare, Romania)